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Protective Coating

PBP Services - Middle East is committed to offering first class preparation
and protective applications to all types of Industrial based customers.
PBP Services Middle East can offer and advise the most suitable and effective
methods of preparation and corrosion control specifications.
We have worked hard over the years to provide a high standard of quality in
our services which are carried out by trained and experienced personnel.
Surface preparation is the essential first stage treatment for all steel based
substrates before coating can be applied, and it is generally accepted as
being the most important factor affecting the total success of a corrosion
protection system.
The performance of a coating is significantly influenced by its ability to
adhere properly to the substrate material. Residual millsclae on surfaces is an
unsatisfactory base to apply modern, high performance protective coatings
and is therefore removed by abrasive blast cleaning. Other surface
contaminants such as oil and grease are also undesirable and must be

Internal and External Pipe Coating

Internal & External Pipe Cleaning and Coating is viable and cost-effective solution for maintaining the integrity of your pipelines. By providing a continuous protective lining, not only you can save your existing pipelines through positive internal corrosion prevention for a fraction of total replacement cost, but many additional benefits are derived from internal & external pipe coating.

Oil and Gas Industrial Coating

PBP Services – Middle East carries out a wide range of multi-disciplined services to the oil and gas sector both On-Shore and Off-Shore. These services include all types of surfafce preparation and protective coating applications. Offshore works include contracts for companies and such, carrying out blast cleaning and painting work on board their vessels while in service and also whilst in dry dock.

Our Divisions

Temperature Controlled Internal Tank Coating

Part of ensuring the successful application of a surface coating is preparing the substrate properly and maintaining ideal ambient conditions. Surface temperatures, however, often stay out of the spotlight, despite their vital role. Tank surfaces that require protective coatings are made of materials that respond to their surrounding environments. The best way to ensure that surfaces act predictably and maintain ideal temperatures is by using temporary climate control equipment.

UHP Water Jetting Services

PBP provides a High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting also known as water-cutting or hydroblasting services and are the most powerful and environmentally sensitive cleaning techniques.